Welcome to East Africa. SAFARI Map of East AfricaWEB.COM is the official east africa destination portal that brings you accurate and up-to-date travel information on wildlife, conservation, tours and safaris sourced by working closely with each East African country's tourism authorities and establishments.

Travel Destinations

Find information about the different destinations in East Africa, places to go, what tp see and do, useful travel tips and information etc. This website also features several tours in East Africa that include Uganda Safari packages, gorilla tours, safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Botswana, Namibia etc.

Traveling in Africa

There is also country-specific information on travel conditions and requirements on taking safaris in East Africa including tips on gorilla trekking, wildlife safaris, parks and reserves, booking resorts, hotels, lodges, info on food and cuisine, attire, culture, archeology.

Things to Do

Also covered are the different special interest trips in East Africa such as bird watching, gorilla safaris, white water rafting, golfing vacation, sailing, fishing vacation....everything you would ever need or want to know to plan a memorable tour or safari in uganda, kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Botswana.

Safari Planning

Planning to emerging destinations in Eastern Africa for instance planning to take a Rwanda safari or a burundi adventure? Whatever your East africa safari plans and interests, SAFARIWEB.COM has something special for you. We hope the travel information will enable you insist on better holiday/vacation deals, arguing from an informed position. And that you will even arrange your own safaris and tours, outside traditional routes, to help diversify the tourist products and lessen pressure on the conventional attractions, and maximize the returns from your holiday or vacation.

Given our concern for the fragile environment, which provides the East Africa's main tourist products, SAFARIWEB is dedicated to the promotion of eco tourism. Hence, we occasionally go off at a tangent to bring you environmental and conservation issues related to some of the resorts we cover. It is our hope that you will find our open bias towards eco tourism justified and acceptable.


Reviews, especially from travellers who have recently been to the region either on a safari or business travel are highly appreciated. The travel information and recommendations they contain will be used to update SAFARIWEB, with due acknowledgments to the writer. Where requested, a link to the writer's site or e-mail will be established adjacent to the published material.
Safari Web team has also collected alot of travel information to cover other African countries and it has extensively covered Botswana safaris and Tours, Namibia safaris and we have also listed tour operators and National Parks. For Travellers to other African Countries, We shall be able to help in providing information despite the fact that we are keen on East african region where we are based.

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